Boards & Committees

What Are the Boards & Committees?

    • Celebration Committee

    • CVIH

    • Education Committee

    • Elder’s Committee

    • Election Committee

    • Enrollment Committee

    • Housing Board

    • Per Capita Board

    • Pow Wow Committee

    • STC – Sierra Tribal Consortium

    • Tort Board

Who Can Apply?

    • All interested participants must complete an application and may be interviewed by Tribal Council prior to selection.

    • All interested participants must have never been removed, recalled, or forfeited from the Tribal Council and must be members in good standing consistent with the criteria for Tribal Council, Article X, Section 3 of the Tribal Constitution.

    • Applicants for volunteer appointments may not be a member of the Tribal Council, be employed by the program, or have an immediate family member working for the program for which they are applying.

    • Applicants may not serve in more than two volunteer positions and may only be the Chair of one. It is in the interest of the Tribe to encourage as many Tribal members as possible to participate in volunteer positions.

    • Must be 18 Years of Age.

Where Do I Apply?

You can download a Tribal Board/Committee Application form by clicking the application link below or by stopping by the Tribal Office at 49260 Chapel Hil Drive, Oakhurst, CA 93644.

How Do I Submit My Application?

Applications can be turned in at the Reception Desk, mailed back to the Tribal Government Office (PO Box 2226, Oakhurst, CA 93644) or emailed to

For more information call the Tribal Office at (559) 412-5590.