Objective:   AIEC is an after-school program designed to provide Chukchansi Tribal youth a safe and culturally-centered space to learn, grow and positively interact with their peers. AIEC offers on-site tutors for homework and assignment help as well as daily cultural activities and lessons.

Cultural Focus:   AIEC will provide cultural learning opportunities, classes, workshops and events centered around Chukchansi native traditions, language, tool-making and cultural practices. Examples of covered topics include: baskets making and materials, artifacts used on daily basis, indigenous plant cultivation and uses (soap root, red bud, sage), and age-appropriate cultural stories and songs teaching life lessons (about respect, humility, compassion, etc).

Inclusivity/Accessibility:   AIEC is open to children with special needs. AIEC staff are trained and equipped to deal with children of all abilities and learning levels (IEPS and 504s). AIEC and Coarsegold Elementary are wheelchair accessible.

Location:   Coarsegold Elementary, 45426 Rd 415, Coarsegold CA, 93614

Operating hours:

  • 2:30-5:30 M, T, Th
  • 1:30-5:30 W

*No student is to arrive before or stay after these hours*

Support Staff:

  • Coarsegold Elementary Teachers (Paid through school): Ms. Padilla
  • Contracted AIEC Tutor/Coarsegold Elementary Teachers: Mr. Jackson, Ms. Bennett
  • PRCI staff (volunteers with AIEC): Josh Atkins, TYD Care Coordinator; Irene Chacon, TYD Youth Prevention Specialist; Dee Shiloh, Native Connections Youth Prevention Coordinator


Education Department

Phone: (559) 412-5590 Ext. 7